Shorty Engle

My Favorite Band Moment – Playing on stage for the first time, with my son Derreck.
The second was playing for the U.S. Army’s 228th Birthday. To top of my favorite band moments is when I sang “My Girl” Torel Owens from the NFL.

Practice – The band gets together on a weekly basis to go over new ideas, discuss new songs to learn and practice, practice, practice.

Music History – I founded the Avery Hill Band in November of 1992, and I never dreamed it would still be going today. It all started when I was at a childhood friend of mines house, Mark Murphy. He was forming a band and asked me to come out of retirement and play bass, and I did. The Avery Hill Bands promise to its fans is that we provide a lot of fun, and play a wide variety of music for everyone. It is more exciting for me now because I look over and see my son becoming one of the finest musicians that I have had the honor and privilege to play along side. That’s what makes this job so great, and so much fun. I have been lucky to play with some great musicians and make a lot of friends doing something that I love.

Come out and see our line up of great people and music and have a night to remember. Thanks to all our fans for your support.

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